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Upgrade: WP Import

The Most Powerful "Article Uploader" Plugin for WordPress
That Instantly Fills Up Blogs & Membership Sites in Seconds
for Everyone Who Tries It!

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  • Plugin installs on an unlimited number of self-hosted WordPress sites that you own
  • Upload a zip file containing multiple articles or single text files
  • Manually type in multiple blog entries on a single screen
  • Search directly in your blog and "pull" our free-to-use articles onto your blogs
  • Bulk import pages, posts, or drafts
  • Specify category, comments, or membership level protection
  • Back-date or future-drip content (spaced apart any interval you choose)
  • Preview imported content or add instantly
  • Easily undo any accidental imports

Component #1: WP Import plugin. A WordPress plugin you can install on an unlimited number of your WordPress blogs. Upload a zip file, it uploads posts (draft, scheduled, past, present, or future), categorizes, and spaces them out in any way you specify.

Component #2: 28,000 PLR Articles. You also get the rights to 28,000 articles on computer, finance, health, internet marketing, lifestyle, technology, and travel topics. I'm talking about articles on debt management, raw food diets, dog training, online jobs, sports betting, virus prevention, any topic you can imagine.

Component #3: Point and Click Content. The latest version of WP Import enables you to fill up content on your blog by keyword, if you prefer. Simply install the plugin and enter your keywords such as camping, travel, WordPress plugins, or anything of your choosing -- choose the articles you want to keep on your blog -- and WP Import will load them all onto your blog for you -- simple...

Component #4: 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If the plugin doesn't work for you or you don't like it for any reason, contact me to get your money back, although the plugin will stop working if you refund.

WP Import requires a self-hosted WordPress installation (any version).

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